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The Inbox contains all messages about subscriptions, follow-ups, and tasks from processes.

You can open your inbox by clicking the Main menu icon Main menu icon > Inbox or via the Inbox icon Inbox icon on the yuuvis® RAD bar.

In the case of smaller monitors or browser windows (<600 pixels wide), the Favorites icon Favorites, In-tray iconIn-tray, Inbox icon Inbox and User documentation - iconUser documentation icons are hidden in order to better display the yuuvis® RAD bar.

A number on the Inbox icon Inbox icon indicates how many messages are currently in the inbox. If there are new messages in the inbox, a Windows notification will inform you of them if you are logged in to yuuvis® RAD client. You can show the inbox in yuuvis® RAD client by clicking the Windows notification. When using this feature for the first time, the user must grant permission for being notified via the Windows operating system.

When returning to the inbox, the last focused task is focused again. If the task is no longer available, the first task in the message list will be focused.

There are three parts to the inbox:

Adjusting the Layout

You can change the layout of the areas (see Hiding and Undocking Areas). You can also change the arrangement of the aspect areas to your liking (see Object Aspects).

Aspect areas can be hidden by the administrator. As a result, the functions described may not be available to you.