Finalizing Objects

yuuvis® RAD client 10.x »

If the lifecycle of a business object (folders and document files, for example) make it necessary, you can finalize it in yuuvis® RAD client. Finalizing a business object means that the metadata and any document files for the object that may exist can no longer be modified. Similarly, finalized business objects cannot be deleted or moved, nor can any existing document files be removed or replaced. The metadata of the folder object will be finalized during finalization; however, the folder’s content, such as document files, forms, e-mails etc., will not be finalized.

When you copy a finalized object and paste it back in yuuvis® RAD, the copy of the object is no longer finalized. Similarly, you can create a reference copy of a finalized object and then edit the metadata of the reference copy, as with any reference copy.

You require the "Finalize" object right for finalization. Additionally, the object you want to finalize cannot be locked.

Users with administrator rights can undo the finalization of objects in the Actions menu iconActions menu > GENERAL using the Finalize icon Definalize action.