Download Document File

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Business objects in yuuvis® RAD can include document files. Document files can be text documents, e-mails, image files etc. You can download one or more document files in the original format or as a PDF together to your local file system for editing there or further use.

Document files will not be locked by the download and can therefore still be edited by other users.

The feature is available only if you select a document that has content.

yuuvis® RAD client provides you with several options for downloading a document file:

  1. using the Download document file icon 'Download document file' icon in the object area

    You can use this function to download one single document file in its original format at any one time.

    You can find the function in the header of the object area (see The Object Area).

  2. via the actions menu

    You can find the function under Action iconActions >GENERAL > Download document file icon Download document file (see The Actions Menu).

    You can use this function:

    • to download one or more business objects

      Multiple document files can only be downloaded concurrently up to a certain file size. The maximum file size that can be downloaded varies depending on the browser.

    • to choose between the original and PDF format.

      The marked files will be downloaded in a ZIP container regardless of which file type you select.

    • to download e-mails with and without attachments

      E-mails with attachments are only downloaded in full in the original file format, i.e., together with their attachments. When downloading an e-mail in PDF file format, only the e-mail itself, without attachments, will be downloaded.