Locking Document Files

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Document files can be locked while the file content is being edited. In the settings menu of yuuvis® RAD client, you can specify the rules for locking document files (see Enabling or Disabling a Document Lock).

In yuuvis® RAD client and yuuvis® RAD agent, locked document files are indicated by Locked icon Lock icons. Document files locked by other yuuvis® RAD users are indicated by a red Locked icon Lock icon.

yuuvis® RAD agent is installed on your computer, and it is connected to yuuvis® RAD server and your yuuvis® RAD client (see Connecting yuuvis® RAD agent).

You have enabled the document lock in the yuuvis® RAD client settings (see Enabling or Disabling a Document Lock).

To lock a document file, follow these steps

  1. Select the desired document file (in a hit list, a process file, or the favorites, inbox, or notifications areas in the main menu, for example). As another option, you can also switch to the folder view or the object view by double-clicking the selected document file.

  2. Click Action iconActions >GENERAL > Open document file icon Open document file.

  3. Depending on your settings in yuuvis® RAD client (see Enabling or Disabling a Document Lock):

    1. a dialog menu for setting the document lock is displayed; here, you can select Yes, No, or Cancel. In the dialog menu, you can also specify whether your decision should be stored and applied to future opening actions.
    2. the document file is locked automatically.

The document file is checked out from yuuvis® RAD and shown in yuuvis® RAD agent in the agent files area icon Files area.

The document file will be locked. The lock is indicated by Locked icon Lock icons in yuuvis® RAD client and yuuvis® RAD agent.

The document file is opened on the local workstation in the assigned application.