Object Lists

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An object list is a list of various objects in enaio®, such as folders, registers, and documents, as well as subscriptions, favorites, and workflows. Object lists are used in many places in enaio® webclient. They are similar in terms of handling (for example, filters, groupings, and hiding certain columns/fields), but also differ in terms of functional characteristics (information about the reason why the most recent change was made in the history view, for example). You can find object lists in the following locations in enaio® webclient:

Visit the pages linked above to find out more about the specific of certain object lists.

Filtering, Updating, and Resetting Object Lists

All object lists have basically the same page composition, consisting of the header and the list of the objects. The header consists of a field to filter the object list, the Update icon and the 'More actions' menu.

Filtering hit lists

Object List Views

Different views are available in enaio® webclient and in enaio® webclient as a desktop application for some object lists (hit lists, filing locations/in the folder view, and in the history view). You can choose between the card view and table view using the More actions icon More actions menu in the header.

The administrator specifies which view is used as the default view for object lists. All object lists are then first displayed in the default view. The user has the option to switch to their preferred view for object lists. The layout type is saved for each result view as part of the Hit List Configuration.

Context Menu

Each entry in an object list has a corresponding context menu. The functions offered to you in the context menu depend on the object type of the selected object and the context (see The Context Menu).

Default Actions

The entries in an object list can be linked to one of several different default actions. This default action gives you a faster, alternative method to access some functions from the context menu. Your administrator determines what default action is triggered (see Default Actions).

The following applies if you are using enaio® mobile:

Default actions are not supported on tablets and smartphones in enaio® mobile and enaio® webclient.

Options to Customize Object Lists

You can change the appearance of object lists in the following ways: