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Users require the Client: Show favorites system role to use the favorites function.

Using the favorites function, you tag objects in enaio® webclient (folders, registers, documents) that you access frequently and want to open in a few, simple clicks. Objects can be set as favorites, for example, in a hit list, at their filing location, or in the inbox using the Add favorite icon Add to favorites command found in the context menu.

Open the context menu and select the Remove favorites icon Remove from favorites command to delete favorites.

If you use the Remove favorites icon Remove from favorites command in the context menu to delete favorites, any existing, synchronized data will also be deleted.

The Favorites Area

In the favorites area, you can find a list of all the objects tagged as favorites. The area is marked in the main menu with a star (Favorites icon Favorites) icon. If you are working in offline mode, the area is marked with a Favorites synchronized icon Offline objects icon in the desktop application of enaio® webclient and in enaio® mobile (see enaio® webclient in Offline Mode).

You can group, filter, and sort the favorites list in the favorites area like hit lists. Double-clicking or tapping an entry in the favorites list can trigger various actions:

  • Folders or registers

    Double-clicking or tapping a folder or register in the favorites list opens the location of the clicked object.

  • Documents

    Double-clicking or tapping a document in the favorites list can trigger various actions, also referred to as default actions. Your administrator determines what action is triggered. Default Actions describes the actions that can be triggered.

    The following applies if you are using enaio® mobile and enaio® webclient on a tablet or smartphone:

    Default actions are not supported on tablets and smartphones in enaio® mobile and enaio® webclient.

The context menu of the individual favorites also provides you with frequently used editing features, such as Send e-mail icon Send e-mail, Start workflow – iconStart workflow, Follow-ups icon Follow-ups, or Object subscription icon Subscribe. Among other applications, this allows you to open the location of the favorite independently of the default action (such as the action for opening the index data form for editing). If you use the Create object icon New function in the context menu of a favorite, the new object will be created in the selected favorite folder or register.

A reduced number of editing features are available in the context menu in offline mode.

Making Objects Available Offline with Favorites

To make objects (folders, registers, documents) available offline, they must first be tagged as favorites and transferred to the local device using the Synchronization icon Synchronizing function. The Synchronization icon Synchronizing function is only available if you have set the Make favorites available offline option in the settings dialog in the user menu (see Offline Settings).

You can find information on how to make objects available offline in Synchronizing Objects and Making Them Available Offline.

enaio® webclient as a desktop application and enaio® mobile support working in offline mode. enaio® webclient does not support offline mode.

Synchronizing Favorites Between theenaio® Clients

The user can also see the favorites created in enaio® webclient, in enaio® webclient as a desktop application, and in enaio® mobile under their favorites in enaio® client. Favorites created in enaio® client are also synchronized with enaio® webclient, enaio® webclient as a desktop application, and enaio® mobile.