Synchronizing Objects and Making Them Available Offline

enaio® webclient as a desktop application enaio® mobile 10.10 »

enaio® webclient as a desktop application and enaio® mobile support working in offline mode. To do this, the objects (folders, registers, documents) that you want to have available offline must first be tagged as favorites and transferred to the local device using the Synchronization icon Synchronizing function.

The enaio® webclient browser application does not support offline mode.

In order to be able to synchronize objects, the Synchronize function must be activated in the settings dialog in the user menu.

Once a synchronization has been started, no additional synchronizations can be started. Likewise, a check is carried out when you close tabs, log out, or close desktop application of enaio® webclient or enaio® mobile to determine whether a synchronization operation is running; a message to this effect is shown if this is the case. You then have the option to continue the synchronization by clicking or tapping on the Cancel button, or to abort the synchronization and log out by clicking or tapping on the Yes button.