The Context Menu

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Each entry in an object list has a corresponding context menu. The context menu provides a number of different functions such as Open location icon Open location, Send e-mail icon Send e-mail, Start workflow – iconStart workflow, Follow-ups icon Follow-ups, and Object subscription icon Subscribe.

The functions offered to you in the context menu depend on the object type of the selected object and the context.

The context menu for workflow object lists will only offer workflow-specific functions.

A reduced number of editing features are available in the context menu in offline mode (see Offline Mode).

Opening the Context Menu

Open the context menu of a selected entry in an object list:

  • in enaio® webclient and in enaio® webclient as a desktop application

    • by right-clicking in the Table view icon Table view.

    • by right-clicking in the Card view icon Card view, or by dragging your cursor over a card and then clicking the Actions icon Actions icon that appears in the card.

  • in enaio® mobile and in enaio® webclient on tablets and smartphones

    • by pressing an entry and holding it in the object list.

      On smartphones, you can also open the context menu by tapping the More actions icon More actions icon after an entry in the object list.