Saving and Transferring Searches

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You can save search requests in enaio® webclient. Saved searches let you quickly access frequently used search patterns. Saved searches are stored in the main menu in the Desktop icon Desktop area (see Desktop), and can be launched from there and from the dashboard in the My searches area (see My Searches). The Save search request on desktop icon Search request icon identifies saved searches in the desktop area.

Saving Searches

Transferring Saved Searches

Saved searches can also be sent by e-mail in enaio® clientExternal link icon as an internal reference (as an attachment with the '.os' file extension). You can transfer these references with saved searches to your client (enaio® webclient as a desktop application or enaio® mobile; enaio® webclient does not support the transfer of saved searches).

Transferring Saved Searches to the Dashboard

The saved searches from the private and public desktop can also be used in the My searches area of the dashboard. Information on how to set up and manage saved searches in the My searches area on the dashboard is available in My Searches.