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The desktop contains saved searches and object references. Click an item on the desktop to run the saved search or perform a default action (see Default Actions) on the object to which it refers.

You can open the desktop via the Desktop icon Desktop icon in the main menu.

The Desktop icon Desktop is subdivided into the following areas:

  • Private desktop

    Here you can find all saved searches and object references that you created yourself and that have been assigned to you via profile administration. Only you can access these searches and object references.

    You can also create folders on the private desktop to manage these queries and object references in a structured way. Folders can be nested within each other.

    You can find the functions used to create, rename, move, and remove folders, saved searches, and object references in the context menu of the respective element. How to create saved searches and object references is described in Saving and Transferring Searches and Object References.

    Elements assigned via profile administration are indicated with a Profile distribution iconProfile distribution icon and cannot be edited.

  • Public desktop

    On the public desktop you can find saved searches and object references that were created by the administrator and are available to all users.

    The elements in this area cannot be renamed, sorted, or removed by you.

The saved searches from the private desktop and the public desktop can also be used in the My searches area of the dashboard (see My Searches). Object references from the desktop area cannot be included in the My searches area on the dashboard.

For the object references, the context menu provides the standard editing features for objects such as Copy, Subscribe, and 'Start workflow'.