My Searches

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In the My searches area, you can store saved searches with and without variables from the Desktop icon Desktop and Quick search icon Quick search areas of the main menu for quick access.

You can run the saved search by clicking or tapping on the corresponding entries in the 'My searches' area. You can extend saved searches with variables by clicking or tapping on the Arrow icon Arrow icon, entering values into the variables fields, and clicking or tapping on Search.

Setting Up My Searches

If there are no saved searches, the My searches area will be hidden. You can add the first saved search to the My searches area by clicking or tapping on the Add Drag & Drop icon Plus icon. You can add or remove other saved searches by opening the configuration of the area using the Hit list configuration icon Hit list configuration icon.

With the configuration menu open, add the searches to be displayed in the 'My searches' area to the list of Selected search requests from the Available search requests list. There, the searches can be moved up and down in the order using the arrow buttons. Then click or tap on Apply.

You can use the same configuration menu to remove saved searches from the Selected search requests list.

Object references from the desktop area cannot be used in the My searches area (see Desktop).

Stored basic parameter searches with variables ($VAR$, $STAT$) are currently not supported and are marked with the note "The saved search uses unavailable fields" in the Quick Search or on the Dashboard in the My searches area.