History View

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The history shows an overview of recently created and edited objects in the workspace. A maximum of 25 objects are shown.

You can open the history via the History icon History icon in the main menu.

If you select an object in the history view, the typical editing features of this object type will be available in the context menu. You can, for example, click or tap on the Open location icon Open location icon in the context menu to quickly switch to the object’s location.

The following functions are available depending on whether you have selected the table view or the card view in the history view:

  • Table view icon Table view

    In addition to the usual static columns, the list of recently edited objects has a static column (Action icon Action) that provides information about the reason why an object was most recently accessed.

    You can customize the layout of the list in the table view (see The Table View) just like you can other hit lists. You can also group, filter, and sort the list.

    You can reset the layout of the list via the More actions icon More actions menu in the header of the list.

    The action column cannot be grouped.

    The following applies if you are using enaio® mobile on a smartphone:

    • The list of the most recently edited objects cannot be grouped or sorted.

    • The list of the most recently edited objects does not contain a static column Action icon Action.

  • Card view icon Card view

    In addition to the usual card content (see The Card View), the cards will also display an icon and the change date for the most recent action of the object.

    The cards in the card view are sorted by the change date of the most recent action. You can filter them, as in the table view, but not sort or group them individually.

The reason why an object was most recently accessed is indicated by the following icons in both the table view and the card view:

  • Edit index data – icon Index data edited
  • Edit content – icon Content edited
  • New object – icon Object created