Changing how System Columns Are Displayed in Workflow Inboxes

enaio® webclient 10.10 »

You can customize how system columns are displayed in the My incoming messages icon My incoming messages and Current workflows icon Current workflows workflow inboxes in the user menu settings. You can open the Settings icon Settings in the User Menu User menu via the main menu.

You can also open User Menu User menu with a click or tap on your avatar image in the main menu, if it has been set up.

You can show and hide the following system columns in the Inboxes tab in the settings:

The user-specific configuration of system columns in enaio® webclient is taken into account on all other enaio® clients and vice versa. That means, for example, settings changes made in enaio® webclient are applied the next time enaio® webclient as a desktop application, enaio® mobile, and enaio® client are launched.

The following applies if you are using enaio® mobile on a smartphone:

The system columns are hidden in the workflow inboxes on smartphones due to limited screen space. Likewise, the setting options for the system columns are not displayed in the user menu.

The display changes if the screen of the mobile device is less than 420 pixels in width or height.