Personalizing Work Items and Clearing Personalizations

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To use workflows, users require the system role Use workflow.

A workflow model consists of several work items. Work item are personalized primarily for the purpose of administering responsibilities and preventing access conflicts.

Personalizing Work Items

You can personalize work items in the My incoming messages icon My incoming messages inbox. You can open the My incoming messages icon My incoming messages inbox via the Inbox icon Inbox icon in the main menu.

The following options are available for personalizing a work item:

Personalized work items are indicated in the workflow list with the Personalization icon Personalization icon.

The following applies if you are using enaio® mobile on a smartphone:

On smartphones, personalized work items are not indicated specifically as such. You can, however, use the Personalize work item icon Personalize and Clear personalization icon Clear personalization functions in the context menu of a selected work item to see whether it is personalized or not.

Personalized work items are no longer shown in the inbox My incoming messages icon My incoming messages of other users.

Clearing Personalizations

The personalization of a work item can be cleared in the following way:

If you forward a work item (see Forwarding Work Items), the personalization is also cleared.