Add-ons for Text Fields

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Add-ons allow you to integrate additional functions into enaio®.

The following add-ons are part of enaio®:

A Quickfinder field on an index data form is linked to a field of a different folder type or document type and can only be indexed with the data which has been entered there.

The user can open a URL which has been entered into the index data field in the standard web browser, or send an e-mail message using the standard e-mail program to an e-mail address specified in a field.

The user can select a date in the calendar.

The add-on multiplies the number entered in the field with a configurable factor and transfers it to another field.

The filing plan add-on attaches a number, a '/' character, and the current year to the indexing or parts of the indexing of other fields in a linked field. The number is incremented by '1' each time it is attached.

The counter add-on enters, similar to the filing plan add-on, the indexing or parts of the indexing of other fields, a counter, and the date or parts of the date in the add-on field.

The ID add-on creates a unique and consecutive number for the index data field.

The user add-on opens a list of all OS users and user groups.

  • Rights Group Add-on
  • The rights group add-on opens a dialog, from which you can select OS users and user groups. Access rights can be controlled using this add-on and corresponding clauses.

    Starting with version 9.0, you can use the rights group control instead of right groups add-ons.

The user can start any program.

The user can start a limited search.

The user can transfer the index data of another object into fields of the index data form.

The catalog add-on can be configured as a list, tree, or hierarchy catalog. Multiple selection is possible for every catalog type. Unlike these catalogs, it is easier to activate the catalog add-on using scripts since it has a COM interface. The catalog data are saved in an XML file.

The database add-on queries a database table of an external database and transfers the data into the index data field and associated fields.

  • VB Script Add-on

    VBScripts can be executed via the VB Script add-on. VB scripts are customized for your individual needs by OPTIMAL SYSTEMS GmbH or created by you using the VBScript editor.

  • SQL Add-on
  • The SQL add-on executes an SQL select statement configured by the administrator.

  • Fieldmapping Add-on
  • The Fieldmapping add-on transfers the index data of a queried object into assigned fields of the index data form.

  • Treeview Add-on

    The Treeview add-on in a subsequent version replaces the catalog add-on, in particular in Unicode installations. The scope of functionality is currently still limited to the flexible configuration of catalogs.

  • Workflow Recipient Add-on

    The workflow recipient add-on can only be integrated into workflow forms.

    The workflow recipient add-on displays the units of the workflow organizational structure. The user can use it to select individual people as well as roles and transfer them to the corresponding index data field.

enaio® webclient does not support all add-ons and catalogs.

Add-on Settings


Text fields with an add-on can contain the 'Read-only' or 'Supervisor field' property. This will prevent users from making changes to a text field and from executing the add-on by default.

The 'CANLOCK' property can be used to change the default behavior.

Behavior with Read-only fields or Supervisor fields:

  • CANLOCK=1 (default)

    Modifying the index data is not permitted


    enaio® client: Entries in the field and executing the add-on are permitted.

    enaio® webclient: Entries in the field and executing the add-on are not permitted


    Entries are only permitted via executing the add-on

Behavior with read-only forms:

  • CANLOCK=1 (default)

    Modifying the index data is not permitted


    Executing the add-on is permitted; modifications are not permitted


    Modifying the index data is not permitted

    There is no difference between CANLOCK=1 and CANLOCK=2 in read-only forms.


Per default, enaio® client verifies the entry in the add-on field for some add-ons before saving. This can cause, depending on the add-on, user entries in add-on fields to be flagged as incorrect or automatically corrected. Verification can be turned off with the entry SKIPVERIFY=1 in the configuration field.

Only the following add-ons can be verified.

Quickfinder add-on


Application add-on


Counter add-on


ID add-on


Filing plan add-on


VB Script add-on


Fieldmapping add-on


Treeview add-on


Add-ons with the property 'Execute automatically' are not verified.
The rights group control is always verified in enaio® client.
Add-ons are not verified in enaio® webclient.


Executing an add-on is interpreted as modifying the index data, even if users do not modify the index data by executing the add-on. To change this, the configuration field of add-ons can be supplemented with the following entry: