Fieldmapping Add-on

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The Fieldmapping add-on transfers index data of a queried object into index data fields which are linked to the add-on field via the Controlled by crosscheck property. The add-on field is indexed using the ID of the queried object.

The Fieldmapping add-on is configured in enaio® client and requires the 'Editor: Start' system role.

Please make sure that the data is not edited by more than one user at the same time.

You assign the Fieldmapping add-on to a text field. Use the file selection dialog to select the file axaddfieldmapping.dll located in the enaio® editor installation directory and the administration components.

Open the configuration dialog by right-clicking the 'Add-on' button in enaio® client.


Select object type

Select an object type. Users transfer the index data of an object of this type into the crosscheck fields.

Existing templates will be deleted if you change the object type.


You can create templates with configurations for assigning index data fields to crosscheck fields.

You can tag a template as favorite. This template is pre-selected for the user.

Crosscheck fields

The crosscheck fields are shown. This is where you enter a placeholder for the index data fields of the object type for each crosscheck field.

Use the Field selection button to open a list containing all index data fields and special fields, such as user names.

You also add text here.

Example: Hello %%Vorname%% %%Name%%

Return value The ID of the transferred object is always entered into the add-on field.



Configurations for an object type can be exported and imported.

Users click the 'Add-on' button to open a hit list, select a template, and can transfer the data.

Users will only see hits in the hit list for which they have access rights.