Carrying Out Searches in enaio® client

enaio® client 10.10 »

enaio® client offers numerous functions to search for folders, registers, and documents. You can combine these search functions to further narrow down the search result. This page gives you an overview of the available search options in enaio® client:

Saving Search Requests

You can save the following queries in enaio® client to use them again later (see Saved Searches):

  • Single queries

  • Combined queries

  • Full-text queries

  • Queries with variables

  • Searching for portfolios

  • Queries in expert mode

Searching via the basic parameters can only be saved in combination with other queries.

Saved searches can be added to the navigation (see Customizing the Navigation) and managed in the object search in folders (see Managing Queries in the Navigation and Object Search).

Queries that have been saved by you can only be accessed by you. You can also send them to other users (see Send e-mail ). In addition, the administrator and other users can provide you with saved searches (see Distributing or Applying Saved Searches).

Saved searches can be configured to run immediately when they are opened or can be made available for editing. You can also flag saved searches as a launch query. If you do so, the start query will open and is executed automatically when enaio® client is started (see Execute at startup ).