Searching via the Basic Parameters

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You can search for folders, registers, and documents via the basic parameters, i.e., the properties of objects.

The administrator can disable basic parameter searches system-wide or only allow a user to enter his or her own user name in the 'Creator', 'Editor', and 'Owner' fields.

When you open an index data form, you will find the basic parameters on the Basic parameters tab. The tab is disabled by default and can be opened using the Index data form Basic parameters icon Basic parameters button located at the bottom of the index data form.

Basic parameters data sheet

The basic parameter data cannot be modified.

As a basic parameter, enaio® saves the Creator, e.g., the user who created the document, as well as the date and time of creation.

Under Editor, enaio® saves the user who last modified the document and the date and time when they did this. Editing includes making changes to index data and document pages, as well as creating and deleting links.

The administrator can assign a retention time to documents. Archived documents cannot be deleted until the retention time has expired.

The owner is either the creator or the user who was assigned owner rights on the Properties dialog.

You can additionally search documents based on these properties:

Icon Comment



Basic parameter data sheet – Not approved for archiving – Icon 

Not approved for archiving

Basic parameter data sheet – Approved for archiving – Icon

Approved for archiving

Basic parameters data sheet – Document without pages – Icon

Without pages

Basic parameter data sheet – Checked out by me – Icon

Checked out by me

Basic parameter data sheet – Checked out by others – Icon

Checked out by others

Basic parameter data sheet – Document loaned out – Icon

Loaned out

Basic parameter data sheet – Reference document – Icon

Reference document

Basic parameter data sheet – Document in register – Icon

In register

Basic parameter data sheet – Document in no register – Icon

In no register

Basic parameter data sheet – Multiple locations – Icon

Multiple locations

Basic parameter data sheet – Variant document – Icon

Has variants

Basic parameter data sheet – Signed in current version – Icon

Current version is signed

Basic parameter data sheet – Signed in previous version – Icon

An earlier version of the document is signed

The search criterion On media enables you to search for archived documents on a specific archiving medium.

In folder and register searches, you can restrict the query to objects without content. The respective hit list contains all objects that have no content for all users. If an object is 'without content' due to the user not having the necessary rights to access the content, the object will not be listed in the hit list.

Searching via the basic parameters cannot be started in expert mode and can only be saved in combination with other queries.