The Actions Menu

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Various actions and processes are available to you for editing business objects such as folders and documents (see Actions and Processes in yuuvis® RAD). These object-related actions and processes are offered to you in the Actions menu iconActions menu. The actions menu offers you a different selection of actions and processes, depending on the context and your permissions.

The actions menu is available for you in different areas in yuuvis® RAD client, such as in hit lists, in the inbox, and in the object view. The suggested actions and processes always refer to the selected object.

If you select several objects in an object list (such as a hit list or the favorites list) and then click the Actions menu iconActions menu in the area window of the object list, you can apply an action or a process to several objects (see Applying Actions to More Than One Object).

Please note that all actions marked with an asterisk (*) are only available if yuuvis® RAD agent is installed and integrated (see Connecting yuuvis® RAD agent).