Opening and Editing a Document File

yuuvis® RAD client 9.x »

yuuvis® RAD offers various options for editing the content of document files. One such option is to edit document files using yuuvis® RAD agent (see yuuvis® RAD agent). If yuuvis® RAD client is connected to yuuvis® RAD agent, the Open document file icon Open document file action is available to you. This action allows you to open document files directly in yuuvis® RAD client for editing in a program on your computer.

yuuvis® RAD agent is installed on your computer, and it is connected to yuuvis® RAD server and your yuuvis® RAD client (see Connecting yuuvis® RAD agent).

There are many ways for you to open a document file for editing:

  1. via the Edit icon Open document file icon in the header of the object area (see The Object Area).

    The document file is downloaded in its original format.

  2. via Action iconActions > GENERAL > Open document file icon Open document file (see The Actions Menu).

    You can choose between the original and PDF format when downloading the document.

Document Lock

Depending on your settings in yuuvis® RAD client, you can lock the document file for other users either manually or automatically when opening it (see Enabling or Disabling a Document Lock).

If you do not lock a document file upon opening it, you can only check in the file again if it has not been locked or changed by another user.

If a document file has been checked out several times by different users because it was not locked during checkout, conflicts can occur during check-in. Corresponding warnings will be shown in yuuvis® RAD agent.