Object Versions

yuuvis® RAD client 9.x »

If metadata is modified in a business object in yuuvis® RAD client or the document file is edited, deleted, or inserted, then new versions are created of the business object. The older versions are retained.

All versions of an object can be managed in the version view. The version view shows a list of all versions. The content preview in the version view shows the selected version.

In the version view, you can compare the content or metadata of two versions and restore older versions of a business object.

If you want to exit the version view in order to return to the filing location of the object, it is best to use the Open in context icon Open in folder or Open icon Open action in theActions menu iconActions menu. The actions are available if only one version is focused.

Aspect areas can be hidden by the administrator. As a result, the functions described may not be available to you.