Signing Document Files

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yuuvis® RAD client supports signing and working with signed documents. Authorized users can use the Actions menu in yuuvis® RAD client to request electronic signatures for specific document files in PDF format as well as Microsoft Office documents. After the user selects the document files, they are sent to a service that controls the signing process. Simple, advanced, or qualified signatures can be requested depending on the configuration of the signature platform and the signature service. When the process is complete, the signed document files are saved as a new version in yuuvis® RAD client. The entire process is logged in yuuvis® RAD client for progress control, but also for auditing purposes.

  • Your administrator must have configured yuuvis® RAD for signing and working with signed document files.

  • Your administrator must have configured one or more document types for signing.

  • The user needs the appropriate rights to edit the document file.

  • The document file to be signed must meet the following conditions:

    • PDF or Microsoft Office file format

    • The object is not finalized

    • no signature has been requested for this document file yet

Requesting Signatures

Authorized users in yuuvis® RAD client have the Request signatures - icon Request signatures action available in the Actions menu in order to sign a document file. The action is offered to users in the Actions menu only under the above conditions.

After the document file has been signed, it is automatically saved in yuuvis® RAD as a new version.

Signature Icons

Documents for which a signature has been requested are indicated by a signature icon in the header of the object area. The signature icon can be gray, green, or red. If you hover with the mouse over the icon, the tooltips will show you the status of the signing process.

Signatures Aspect Area

You can get an idea about the course of a signature process in the Signatures aspect area. This is then available as soon as signatures have been requested for the document file. You can also find out about the status of the signing process in the aspect area, in addition to information about the signature type, the signers, and the signing time. A check is performed regularly to see if anything has changed in the signature process on the signing platform. In the event of a change, the new status information will be visible on the object. The following status levels are possible:

Value Description Signing icon
in progress The document file has been transferred to the signing platform and the specified signers still need to sign it. Signing icon gray – icon
signed A signer has signed the document file. Once all signers have signed, the document file is fully signed, has been retrieved by the signature service, and has been added to the document as a new version. Signing icon green – icon
rejected A signer revised the signature and provided a reason for doing so. Signing icon red – icon
expired The current signer did not sign within the time configured on the signing platform. Signing icon red – icon
canceled A user or a signing platform has canceled the signing process. Signing icon red – icon
Error If an error occurs during signing, the reason is documented here. Signing icon red – icon

Signatures in the History Aspect Area

A corresponding change notice on the object is shown in the History aspect area to indicate that there is a request for signatures or a new version with the finished signed file has been created.

Canceling the Signing Process

Users with the appropriate editing rights will be offered the Cancel signing - icon Cancel signing action if the signing status is in progress. The user is prompted to enter a reason when triggering this action. After confirming the query, the signature status is set to canceled. The status for signers who have already received an e-mail but have not yet signed is changed from in progress to canceled, including the date and reason.

The status of a signing operation is shown to you in the Signatures aspect area and in the header of the object area of the corresponding document.

If you have canceled a signing process, you cannot start a new one.

Searching for Documents to Be Signed or Signed Documents

One or more object types may be configured to support signed PDF documents, depending on the system configuration. Accordingly, it is possible in yuuvis® RAD client to search for these object types or for the signing status. The search can also be performed across all object types.

To do so, click the Signing object type in the search dialog in the Cross-context area. In the search form that appears, you can specify additional search criteria. Select the status in progress if you want to find documents that are still in the process of being signed. Signed documents can be found using the signed search criterion. Likewise, you can search in the search form, for example, by signature type, by individual signers, or by signing request dates.