Deleting Subscriptions

yuuvis® RAD client 9.x »

You can create subscriptions for folders and documents. You will receive an e-mail or a message in your inbox if changes are made to an object (see Inbox).

All subscribed objects are indicated by a Subscription icon Bell icon.

You can find an overview of all subscribed objects in the Notifications area in the main menu. They are also indicated by a Subscription icon Bell icon in the notifications list. You can access the main menu with the notifications area via the Main menu icon Main menu icon on the yuuvis® RAD bar.

You have several options to delete a subscription:

  • via the actions menu of a selected object

  • in the notifications area in the main menu

You can unsubscribe or follow-up objects that have been deleted from the system by marking the corresponding object in the list of notifications and then clicking the Remove subscriptions and follow-ups button in the object area. If you click the Remove from notifications button, the entry will be removed from the list of notifications. The subscription or follow-up itself is retained.