Configurations with yuuvis® RAD management-studio

yuuvis® RAD management-studio 9.x »

yuuvis® RAD management-studio is called via the following URL:


After startup, the user must log in with his/her user name and password. Users require roles with the relevant functional rights.

For security reasons, browser functions for saving user names and passwords should not be enabled and can lead to errors.

The language – German or English – can be configured via User > Settings

yuuvis® RAD management-studio starts with an overview of the process models for which processes are active. The configuration area of process models can be called up from the overview.

The following configuration areas are called via the main menu:

Organization Configure the organizational structure with users and groups.
Operations Configure operations for system management and maintenance.
Object search Search for objects using the object ID.
Rights Rights management, assigning users and groups to rights.
Processes View and manage active processes.
Custom actions View and configure custom actions
Media Configure media sets and media.

View the database tables.

The Divergences area shows tables and columns that diverge from the expected structure.

The system offers to resolve divergences if this is possible without the loss of data and consistency.

Recycle bin View recycle bins and restore or permanently delete objects.

Display system settings and the schema history.

yuuvis® RAD services-admin can be opened via the area’s actions menu.

yuuvis® RAD management-studio 10

yuuvis® RAD management-studio 10 is also installed as a preview together with the installation of yuuvis® RAD version 9.x and the update to version 9.x. yuuvis® RAD management-studio 10 has been updated in terms of the technology and is based on Angular 15. It can be configured via the main.json/extend.json files, similar to yuuvis® RAD client.

yuuvis® RAD management-studio 10 currently has no functions, but will be further developed in the course of version 10.x and replace yuuvis® RAD management-studio.

yuuvis® RAD management-studio 10 is called via the following URL:


yuuvis® RAD management-studio 10 is integrated via the <service-manager>\config\servicewatcher-sw.yml file:

- name: management10
  type: webresource
  path: <path>\webresource\public\management10\

Check this setting if you cannot call yuuvis® RAD management-studio 10.

The end point for yuuvis® RAD management-studio 10 is entered in the <service-manager>\configgateway-prod.yml file: '/app/client/**,/app/management10/**'

Check this setting, as well.

If other yuuvis® RAD gateway services are integrated, the parameter must also be checked here and modified, if necessary.