Managing Running Processes

yuuvis® RAD management-studio 9.x »

Running and completed processes can be viewed and managed. You can call up the processes for a model via yuuvis® RAD management-studio via the Main menu > Processes.

All processes are shown with their creation, start, and end times. The icon in the first column indicates the status. The information displayed can be narrowed down by using filters. You can open the process details with the following views by double-clicking a process:

  • Activities

    The current activities will be displayed. All actions for each activity are listed with a time. The data fields with values and, for participant actions, the participant can be shown for every action.

    If an activity has not yet been completed, the values of the data fields can be modified and assigned to participants via the actions menu. Newly assigned participants will receive an e-mail notification if this is configured for the activity.

    If users have been added to the participant role of an activity already provided, these users are displayed here, but cannot find the activity in their inbox and cannot carry it out.

  • Time periods

    For every current deadline and delay, the data fields with values and the participant roles can be shown. Deadlines and delays can be completed and paused via the actions menu.

  • Process history

    The process history with the sequence of activities and tasks with participants is displayed for each process.

  • Process file

    The file content is displayed for each process. Objects can be opened in a new tab by double-clicking them.

Initiators and process owners can list and view their processes via the Main menu > My processes in yuuvis® RAD client.

Managing Processes

All processes are called up via the Main menu > Processes. The information displayed can be narrowed down by using filters.

Processes are managed via functions available in the actions menu:

  • You can pause or cancel running processes.
  • You can resume or delete paused processes.
  • You can delete canceled processes.
  • You can resume or delete failed processes.
  • You can delete completed processes.
  • If several processes are selected using Ctrl or Shift, then the actions menu displays the features that can be applied to all of the selected processes. If there are no available features, then the actions menu displays the corresponding notice.

Process models can only be deleted if all processes have been deleted.

User: Returning Tasks

If a user has accepted tasks, then they can be returned at the same time in yuuvis® RAD management-studio via Main menu > Organization for a selected user.

  • Select a user.

  • Click Actions menu iconActions menu and select Return all accepted tasks.

  • Confirm the security prompt.

This requires the functional right Manage processes.