Recycle Bin

yuuvis® RAD management-studio 9.x »

Objects that a user deletes are placed in their user-specific recycle bin.

The recycle bin can be deactivated. In this case, only users with the object type right 'Destroy' will be able to permanently delete business objects. Restoring the recycle bin by the administrator and the operation 'Permanently delete files' will not be available. The recycle bin is deactivated via yuuvis® RAD management-studio: Main menu > System > Settings > Core service > Global > Server > Activate recycle bin

The user-specific recycle bins are accessed by the administrator in yuuvis® RAD management-studio via the Main menu > Recycle bin.

The following functions can be executed via the actions menu:

  • Restore, provided that the location of the object prior to deletion allows this.

    Objects with versions are restored with all versions.

  • Delete permanently.

  • Download document file.

The following data is displayed for the object:

System properties

Properties of the object that are automatically added by the system.

Information on locations is also displayed.

User-defined properties

Metadata of the object.

Data from tables can be displayed.

Former locations

Location of the object before deletion.

It is indicated whether the object can be recovered to its prior location.

Deleting objects via the operation 'Permanently delete files' has a significantly lower impact on system performance.
An operation called 'Clean up recycle bins' with a value of seven days is created for all users during installation by default.