Custom Actions for yuuvis® RAD client

yuuvis® RAD management-studio 9.x »

Various actions, which vary according to the context, are available to yuuvis® RAD client users via the actions menu for editing business objects such as folders and documents.

Custom actions can be added to the MORE ACTIONS actions menu in yuuvis® RAD client via yuuvis® RAD designer and yuuvis® RAD management-studio. User actions run scripts. The scripts have access to the business object data and can, for example, start external applications when data is transferred.

Custom actions can be restricted to users with specific roles and linked to object types. An additional decision script can make activation of custom actions contingent upon metadata or business object properties.

Custom actions can call up external applications only if yuuvis® RAD agent is running and the external applications are integrated locally.

Custom actions can be set up in yuuvis® RAD designer as part of a project or in yuuvis® RAD management-studio on the connected system.

Custom actions in yuuvis® RAD management-studio become active immediately. Use a dedicated test role for developing and editing.