enaio® services

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Services and service components are required for core functional areas such as e-mail filing, full text, and text recognition.

Service Function

Basic services:




Basic services for administration, communication, and monitoring (ARGUS).



Services for full-text integration.

These are configured via enaio® services-admin.

OSWEB Service for enaio® webclient.
OCR Service for OCR.

Service for license management.

EMS mailstorage

Service for e-mail filing.

EMS service 'mailstorage' is configured via a ems-prod.yml configuration file.


Service for metadata extraction.

The extraction can lead to errors if the path for the temporary directory of the service is too long. You can change this directory from the \service-manager\config directory via the servicewatcher-sw-yml file:
To do so, add the following entry to the extractionservice section:
- "-Djava.io.tmpdir=<path>"

ARCHIVE Service for archiving
DMS Service for document management.
REPOSITORYMANAGER enaio® repository-manager for the SAP connection.



Connection to Office 365.



Connection to Microsoft Teams.
TAGGING The service is still in beta phase and therefore not yet active.
RESTDASHLET Service for integrating enaio® coLab.
MIGRATION Service for migrating the full-text index in projects.
CCSERVICE Service for periodically checking the full-text index in projects.
MAILJOURNALING Service for e-mail transfer from Microsoft Exchange with enaio® mail-archive-service.

The services are configured and managed via enaio® services-admin. The enaio® services-admin call is made in the browser via the address '<service-manager-IP>:<Port>' after the installation. The default port is '7273.'

In addition, install the full-text component 'Elasticsearch' and the OCR component 'ABBYY FineReader' via setups from the corresponding subdirectories of \Microservices\.