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enaio® services are installed during a setup. The required runtime environment is installed automatically by the setup.

The os_service-manager_setup.exe setup file can be found in the \Backend\Service-Manager directory in the installation data. The setup will install enaio® service-manager as service with the selected services.

If services are installed via the os_service-manager_setup.exe setup file later, then updates made via enaio_services_versionfix.exe are undone in the process. You will need to run the updates again afterwards. If certificates were integrated, then they must be integrated again after running os_service-manager_setup.exe.

Installation Requirements

The following requirements must be fulfilled in order to install enaio® service-manager and enaio® services:

  • enaio® server is installed, started, and accessible.
  • The names of computers on which enaio® service-manager and the services are installed may only contain letters from 'a' to 'z,' digits from '0' to '9,' and the hyphen within the name, in accordance with specifications for Internet communication and protocols (see RFC 952 and RFC 1123).

enaio® services

enaio® service-manager manages the services and must be installed once with the basic services 'admin,' 'discovery,' and 'messaging.' The basic services are not required for further installations of services with enaio® service-manager on other computers. If services are distributed, the connection between services must be configured.

Service Function

Basic services:




Basic services for administration, communication, and monitoring (ARGUS).



Services for full-text integration.

These are configured via enaio® services-admin.

OSWEB Service for enaio® webclient.
OCR Service for OCR.

Service for license management.

EMS mailstorage

Service for e-mail filing.

EMS service 'mailstorage' is configured via a ems-prod.yml configuration file.


Service for metadata extraction.

The extraction can lead to errors if the path for the temporary directory of the service is too long. You can change this directory from the \service-manager\config directory via the servicewatcher-sw-yml file:
To do so, add the following entry to the extractionservice section:
- "-Djava.io.tmpdir=<path>"

ARCHIVE Archiving service
DMS Service for document management.
REPOSITORYMANAGER enaio® repository-manager for the SAP connection.



Connection to Office 365.



Connection to Microsoft Teams.
TAGGING The service is currently still in beta phase and therefore not yet active. It will provide features that will improve the traceability of the processing statuses of objects in subsequent updates.
RESTDASHLET Service for integrating enaio® coLab.
MIGRATION Service for migrating the full-text index in projects.
CCSERVICE Service for periodically checking the full-text index in projects.
MAILJOURNALING Service for e-mail transfer from Microsoft Exchange with enaio® mail-archive-service.

This is configured via enaio® services-admin and can be accessed in the browser at the following URL:


Default port: 7273

Microservices are installed with default values for the memory and port.