Updating Services

enaio® 10.10 »

For the microservices, as for other components, updates for troubleshooting and optimization are also provided within the enaio® versions.

How to update services:

  1. Copy the \Service-Manager-Update directory located in the \Backend\ directory to the computers with microservices.

  2. Check whether the individual microservice directories of the existing installation under \Services\service-manager\apps do not contain any additional *.jar or *.zip files or backups.
  3. Move or delete these, if necessary.

  4. Execute enaio_services_versionfix.exe from the copied \Backend\Service-Manager-Update directory.

The microservices installed on the computer which are located in the update directory are updated.

The update is complete when the \Services\service-manager\update directory is emptied again. Then check the status of the services in enaio® services-admin.