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You can configure audit-proof archiving as an automatic action in enaio®. After configuration, automatic actions can automatically be run at regular intervals. This will reduce the administrative effort required after configuration.

The interplay of all relevant factors is essential in order to guarantee that archiving duly meets the legal requirements. This includes the procedures to be applied as well as to the hardware deployed and the various software components.

It is recommended that all relevant aspects be regulated and documented in process documentation to be prepared by the liable operator. If required, OPTIMAL SYSTEMS employees can provide project support in this matter.

For all compliance storage solutions certified by OPTIMAL SYSTEMS enaio® provides archiving processes that fulfill legal requirements. Correct archiving of documents and physical retention times are subject to restrictions imposed by the storage system in use. If, for example, a compliance storage system is only able to manage retention times up to 2038, such a restriction cannot be overridden using an archiving software solution like enaio®.

To guarantee easy configuration and secure operation, enaio® provides tools and resources for different certified archive storage systems. Nevertheless, keep in mind to follow the configuration steps described in the respective interface manuals.

It is therefore advisable to coordinate, implement, document, and test the planning of retention periods, the selection of a storage system and its configuration, the configuration of retention times as well as necessary storage system settings in enaio®, and the correct configuration and execution of archiving processes in enaio® within the project with our consulting department.

Supported Storage Systems

Manufacturer Storage name Storage version
(up to and including)
File-based interface /CIFS/SMB/NFS
Dell EMC Unity
(replaces VNX/Centera)
5.x file-based
FAST LTA Silent Bricks/Cube 2.45 file-based
Grau Data FileLock 2.3 file-based
NetAPP Ontap 9.11.1 file-based
iTernity iCAS FS   file-based/SMB
Hitachi HCP 9.3


Proprietary API

Connection via the 'archive' Microservice
Cloudian HyperStore 7.4.2 Proprietary API
(replaces Centera)
3.8 Proprietary API
iTernity iCAS 3.7 Proprietary API

Other storage systems can be connected to the specific project using custom drivers.


Audit-proof archiving is executed as an automatic action.

You specify the object types that are to be archived.

The action accesses the following configurations:


To transfer large files, it may be necessary to increase values for timeouts using two registry entries in enaio® server. The necessary values depend on the maximum file size and the transmission speed and must be determined in the project:
   HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\OPTIMAL SYSTEMS\<servicename>\Schemata\4.0\Winhttp
     String: RECEIVE_TIMEOUT, value in milliseconds
     String: RECEIVE_RESPONSE_TIMEOUT, value in milliseconds