yuuvis® RAD agent

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yuuvis® RAD agent manages the editing of yuuvis® RAD document files using local applications. yuuvis® RAD agent is connected to yuuvis® RAD server and yuuvis® RAD client (see Connecting yuuvis® RAD agent). This allows you to open yuuvis® RAD document files directly in local applications or file new document files from Microsoft Office applications via add-ins (for example, yuuvis® RAD Office Add-In and yuuvis® RAD Outlook Add-In) directly in yuuvis® RAD.

yuuvis® RAD agent is not required to edit document files using yuuvis® RAD office-365-dashlet.

The administrator installs yuuvis® RAD agent on your local computer and usually saves the connection data for yuuvis® RAD agent to yuuvis® RAD server. If this is not the case, you can enter the connection data in yuuvis® RAD agent yourself. Your administrator will provide you with the connection data.

Whether yuuvis® RAD agent is available in your yuuvis® RAD client depends on the configuration of your yuuvis® RAD system. Your administrator can also specify that yuuvis® RAD agent cannot be used or that no changes can be made to the settings in yuuvis® RAD agent.

Opening yuuvis® RAD agent

You can open yuuvis® RAD agent via the task bar on the Windows desktop. yuuvis® RAD agent is divided into the areas: agent connections area Connections, agent files area icon Files, and About yuuvis® RAD agent icon About yuuvis® RAD agent.

Language Setting in yuuvis® RAD agent

If yuuvis® RAD agent is not connected to yuuvis® RAD client, the language setting will be based on the language set in the local operating system. For active connections, yuuvis® RAD agent uses the language you have specified in the settings in yuuvis® RAD client.

If the language shown in yuuvis® RAD agent is different from the one shown in yuuvis® RAD client, disconnect from yuuvis® RAD agent in yuuvis® RAD client and restart it. The same language will then be shown in yuuvis® RAD agent and yuuvis® RAD client (see Connecting yuuvis® RAD agent).