yuuvis® RAD Outlook Add-In

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The yuuvis® RAD Outlook Add-In provides functions that make it easier for you to transfer e-mails from Microsoft Outlook to yuuvis® RAD. The functions are integrated in the Start and Message ribbon tabs of Office Outlook by means of an add-in. The Create e-mail functions are also available when sending and forwarding an e-mail item.

yuuvis® RAD Outlook Add-In (Outlook ribbon)

  • yuuvis® RAD Outlook Add-In is installed in your local Microsoft Outlook application.

  • yuuvis® RAD agent is installed on your computer, and it is connected to yuuvis® RAD server and your yuuvis® RAD client (see Connecting yuuvis® RAD agent).

yuuvis® RAD Outlook Add-In Features

Save and check in

This function transfers the selected e-mail to the yuuvis® RAD client in-tray. The use of this function is described in the yuuvis® RAD client software documentation under Uploading E-Mails from Microsoft Outlook.

The feature is only available if you connected yuuvis® RAD client via the settings menu to yuuvis® RAD agent and yuuvis® RAD agent to yuuvis® RAD server in the Connections area (see Connecting yuuvis® RAD agent).