Creating Templates

yuuvis® RAD client 10.x »

The administrator can disable the template function. If the template function is disabled, then the template object type will not be offered for searches in yuuvis® RAD client and no templates can be created, edited, or shared and no documents can be created from templates.

Any user in yuuvis® RAD client can create templates, in principle. To do so, the user defines the users and document types for which the templates will be available, and who can edit their templates.

The administrator can restrict the right to create templates to users who have the "create template" functional right.

In order to allow other users in the system who do not have the functional right to manage templates to use a template, you will need to share it (see Sharing Templates). If a template is not shared, it can only be used as a template by the user who created it, by all users with the functional right to manage templates, and by users or user groups that are entered in the metadata of a template in the Editable by field.