Project Management in enaio® coLab

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Project management in enaio® coLab is kept simple for a reason. It needs to be possible for less experienced users to master it, as well. There are also numerous project management functions available to normal project members when their member status is changed to Owner (see Managing Project Members).

The functions of the project management depend on the member role. The following table provides a brief overview:

Function Project room owner

Project room owners who are also

enaio® users

coLab administrators
Create project room   x1  
Change project names x x  
Invite project members x x  
Manage project members x x x2
Change query depth x x  
Delete project room   x x

1 It is only necessary to be an enaio® user in order to create project rooms. By creating a project room, the enaio® user who created it automatically becomes the project room owner. Project room owners who are not enaio® users cannot create project rooms (see Creating Project Rooms).

2 coLab administrators can delete members (see Managing Project Members).