Task Types

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Tasks are the most important parts of enaio® coLab. All tasks in a project room are listed in the tasks view. Unfinished tasks that have been assigned to a project member are also shown on the project’s home screen of the respective project member. Information about the tasks assigned to you can be obtained via e-mail (see The E-mail Settings Area).

It is possible that the tasks view and the task area on the project’s home screen have been hidden in the settings of enaio® coLab (see The General Settings Area).

We differentiate between the following types of tasks in enaio® coLab:

  • Simple tasks

    Simple tasks can be created in the tasks view in enaio® coLab (see Creating Tasks). Simple tasks consist of true text instructions.

  • Tasks with a file link

    Tasks with a file link are created in the files view. They are linked to a file and indicated by a Go to file icon 'Go to file' icon in the task table in the tasks view. Clicking the Go to file icon 'Go to file' icon will open the files view with the filing location of the linked file. The linked file is also highlighted in the files view.

In addition to the differentiation of the task types into simple tasks and tasks with a file link, you also have the option, for both task types, of assigning a due date or assigning the task to a project member. You cannot assign the due date when creating the task in the files view for tasks with a file link, but only when you edit it later in the tasks view.

You must first create a task group before you can create a task (see Creating Task Groups).