Editing W-Documents

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W-Documents (Windows documents) are opened for viewing and edited in the associated W-program.

The administrator can assign a viewer to a W-Document; the viewer allows users who do not have editing rights for the document to view it.

The administrator can configure the editor and the viewer as internal or external programs. External programs run independently from enaio®, whereas internal programs will be integrated into the program window of enaio®.

enaio® Add-Ins features cannot be run from W-programs that have been set up as internal applications.

The administrator can specify whether users can or cannot edit documents of a certain document type. You cannot edit the pages of archived W-Documents. If you do not have the right to edit a W-Document, it will open in read-only mode or in the configured viewer and does not need to be checked in.

Checking Out Documents

When you open a W-Document in order to display or edit it, it will be checked out and flagged with a Lock with red cross icon Lock with red cross in enaio® in object lists (for example, hit lists or in the folder view). Other users can open only a read-only copy of checked-out W-Documents. Documents that you check out yourself are flagged with a yellow Lock icon Lock in object lists.

Checking In Documents

After editing, you must check the document in so that other users can edit it. Documents that have been checked out can generally only be checked in by the user who checked them out. Likewise, a document can only be checked in on the workstation where it was checked out.

You can check in checked-out documents again using the Menu ribbon Start - Check in all - icon Check in function via the context menu of the marked document. If you have checked out several W-Documents, you can check them in again as a batch using the Menu ribbon Start - Check in all - icon Check in all function via the Start ribbon tab ribbon group Objects.

Documents that have been checked out by other users can also be checked in again by users with the Undo the checkout for others system role or the Supervisor system role. In this case, please contact your administrator.

W-Documents that were edited using enaio® Office Add-In NG External link: icon and enaio® office-365-dashlet are automatically checked in again when you close the document.

When you exit enaio® client, your documents will automatically be checked in.

Discarding Saved Changes

You can discard saved changes as long as you have not yet checked the document in. To do so, select the Ribbon hits - Discard changes - icon Discard changes function from the context menu of the marked document or the Hit ribbon tab or Folder ribbon tab. The document is checked in, but the changes are not applied.

Read-Only Mode

If you hold down the Ctrl key while opening a W-Document, it will open in read-only mode and therefore does not need to be checked in. If you generally only want to view W-Documents, i.e., open them in read-only mode, you can set this in the Options window. The window can be opened by selecting Options from the context menu of the document type in the object search.

Checking a Document In and Out Using enaio® office-365-dashlet

You need to set up the access restrictions differently when using Microsoft Office 365 to edit documents:

  • If a user of enaio® opens a document file for editing via enaio® office-365-dashlet, the document file is only checked out when the user makes the first set of changes to the document file in the Microsoft Office 365 cloud. Only then is it possible for other users to open and edit the document file in a different application. In this case, the editor will receive a message in Microsoft Office 365 indicating that changes that were made to the document file in the cloud could not be saved in enaio®.

  • Documents checked out using enaio® office-365-dashlet are flagged with a status icon in hit lists, at the filing location, or in inboxes, etc.

  • Document files that have been checked out using enaio® office-365-dashlet can continue to be edited by other enaio® users.

  • The document edited in the Microsoft Office 365 cloud is not checked in again until the last editor closes the document.

Exporting and Printing

How to print and export W-Documents is described on the following pages: