enaio® server: Requirements

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Installation Requirements

  • The computer hardware meets minimum requirements.
  • The logged-in user has administrative rights at operating system level.
  • The logged-in user has write access to the Windows registry.
  • The logged-in user has write access to the system directories.
  • The logged-in user has write access to the installation directory and to all subdirectories, in particular the directories Work, Cache, Note, and etc.
  • A database system is installed and meets the requirements.
  • The database system provides a database that enaio® can use.
  • If there are database tables that have already been created by previous enaio®installations, they must be deleted before new installations are made.
  • A database user was created with adequate rights and the role 'db_owner.'
  • A system DSN is available on the installation computer for access to the enaio® database.
  • The required enaio® licenses are available as license files.

Special characters are not permitted for users, passwords, system DSN, and databases.