enaio® Installation

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The enaio® system installation requires installation data and a license file.

The installation data is obtained together with the OPTIMAL SYSTEMS license. They contain all the components necessary for the installations described below.

The number and type of the purchased licenses can be found in the license certificate or the aslic.dat file. The license for enaio® server is only available as a seat license with a fixed GUID or TCP/IP address. A new license file will be required if an enaio® server address changes. New license files are also required when purchasing additional licenses.

All information regarding licenses in the documentation is not binding. Only licensing agreements that have been agreed on contractually are binding.

Hardware and Software

Hardware and software must comply with the system requirements.

Administrator Account

Please note that you must always be logged in to an administrator account to perform installations.

If user account control is active, installations must be run via the shortcut menu option Run as administrator.

Without administrator rights, the setups cannot be completed.

Core services and all other services are installed with the login as a local system account, but it must be run using an account with administrator rights.

Antivirus Protection

Antivirus protection has an influence on applications that frequently access the file system. This concerns particularly the working memories and caches of enaio® server, databases, and the e-mail components. enaio® must ensure that working and cache areas are written and read only by enaio components. For this reason, antivirus protection has to be coordinated with the surrounding application components, and the appropriate directories will have to be excluded from scan processes.

Redistributable Packages

The Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package must be installed for the executability of the majority of components. With the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package all runtime components of Visual C++ libraries required for executing applications that are developed in Visual C++ are installed at computers not having Visual C++ implemented.

Depending on the operating system language the setup will install the German, English, or French Redistributable Packages. If you are using an operating system with a different language, first install the Redistributable Package of the corresponding language; if not available, the English Redistributable Package. It can be found in the Prerequisite directory of the installation data.

Systems and Code Pages

Please refer to the information on installations on systems with non-Western code pages.