Full-Text Searches for Objects

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If you do not know where an object you are looking for is filed, a full-text search is a fast way to begin the search. A full-text search will search the contents of objects and their index data.

You can find the input fields for full-text search

  • on the Dashboard.

    Full-text search

  • in the header area of object search forms, provided that the full-text search is configured for an object type.

    Full-text search

Types of Full-Text Searches in enaio® webclient

The result of a search request is shown as a hit list in table form. Hit lists consist of static columns that provide information about object properties, and columns, which contain the index data of the found objects. Hit lists from full-text searches also display a column with a text passage and the search term found within it (Preview column). These hits are sorted in the hit list according to their quality (Quality column).

The following applies if you are using enaio® mobile on a smartphone:

Text excerpts (Preview column) and the hit quality (Quality column) are not shown in the hit lists of full-text searches on smartphones. The hit list cannot be sorted.