Creating Documents

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Documents must be created and indexed in a folder or in a register in enaio®. The administrator specifies whether and what type of documents can be created at a location. Similarly, the number of documents that can be created at one location may be limited.

It is not possible to create new documents when the navigation area is hidden.

When creating documents, you must first assign a document type to the document. The document type defines the index data form to be completed and the module to be used. Modules define which file formats are permitted for the document. When creating module-spanning documents, you first need to assign a module to the document manually.

A file is generally assigned to documents. Several files may be allowed in the case of image documents.

Documents Without Pages

Documents can also be created as documents without pages. You then do not assign any file to the document. The administrator defines whether you can assign files to a document. You can identify documents without pages in object lists (e.g., in hit lists or at a filing location) by the Document without pages icon Document without pages icon shown in the Archiving status column.

enaio® supports file extensions with more than ten characters or with Unicode characters.

Please note that the maximum supported file size depends on a number of a different factors. This includes the file type, the file content, the specific use case, and the client used.