Adding Folders and Files

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Folders and files can be added to a project room in enaio® coLab. The project member rights and the object type determine who may add which objects and how (see Objects and Permissions).

Adding Folders

Folders can be added in enaio® coLab only in an enaio® client. Therefore a project member who wants to add a folder in enaio® coLab to a project room must also be an enaio® user.

Adding Files

enaio® supports file extensions containing more than ten characters and Unicode characters.
Please note that the maximum supported file size depends on a number of a different factors. This includes the file type, the file content, the specific use case, and the client used.

Files can be added to a project room in enaio® coLab in the following ways:

If you have added folders and files in enaio®, you may have to update the contents of your browser tab in enaio® coLab so that you can see the new objects. Click the Refresh icon Refresh icon in your browser to refresh.

If the features described above are not available to you, then it may be because you have been assigned a user-defined role that does not contain the corresponding rights. Contact a coLab administrator or the project room owner if you have any questions or if you need these rights.