Objects and Permissions

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Folders and files can be added to a project room in enaio® coLab. We also differentiate between the enaio® coLab upload type and various enaio® object types. The user rights and the object type determine which project member is allowed to add and edit which objects. The following tables provide further information on this.

Creation Permissions

Folders in enaio® coLab can only be created, renamed, moved, and deleted by enaio® users, as folders in enaio® coLab are based on enaio® register types and can only be created in an enaio® client.

Files in enaio® coLab can be based on both enaio® object types and the coLab upload type. The former can only be added to a coLab project room via an enaio® client, whereas the latter can be added to a project room both from the local file system and via an enaio® client (see Adding Folders and Files). This results in the following creation permissions:

Editing Permissions

You can see which editing rights you have for a certain object in a project room in the files view in enaio® coLab. The icons behind a file in the directory structure indicate which editing rights you have for this file. The following editing permissions apply, depending on the project member role:

Editing rights can differ from object to object in enaio® coLab. Objects that have been added to a project room via an enaio® client, in particular, differ in their editing options:

Special Features of enaio® Object Types

There are some special features when editing file contents in a coLab project room due to the extensive functionality of the enaio® object types:

If the features described above are not available to you, then it may be because you have been assigned a user-defined role that does not contain the corresponding rights. Contact a coLab administrator or the project room owner if you have any questions or if you need these rights.