Saved Searches

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You can save the following queries in enaio® client to use them again later:

You can assign an icon to saved searches and links to external applications.

Managing Queries in the Navigation and Object Search

The saved search is displayed in the object search on the desktop and can be executed and edited there. Saved searches can also be added to the navigation and managed in the navigation or in the object search in folders. To learn how to file and manage searches in the navigation, read Customizing the Navigation.

Editing Saved Searches

The context menu of a saved search offers various functions for editing, renaming, and removing the search request. This is also where you can configure the call of saved searches or send a saved search.

Running Saved Searches

Saved searches can be configured to run immediately when they are opened or can be made available for editing. You can also flag saved searches as a launch query. This means that they will be executed or opened immediately when enaio® client is started.

Queries which contain variables will always open. If the query contains static variables ($STATn$), the entered value will be temporarily saved and used as default values the next time you open the query.

All simple field types and catalogs are available in the search forms of saved searches with variables. For fields to which add-ons are assigned, the add-ons are not available in the search form. The fields can be filled out manually. The date add-on and the user add-on are available.

Customizing Column Configuration of Saved Searches

The hit list for a saved search will have the name of the query in its status bar. The hit list is presented as defined in the general hit list configuration. You can change this presentation for saved searches (except for SQL queries). The prerequisite is that the hit list contains only a single object type.

Distributing or Applying Saved Searches

Queries that have been saved by you can only be accessed by you. However, you can also distribute them to other users by means of the E-mail – icon Send e-mail function in the context menu of a saved search or by dragging the search to the public desktop in your object search. Likewise, your administrator can provide you with saved searches via profile allocation and other enaio® users via public desktop or e-mail. You do not need to do anything yourself if a search was distributed via profile allocation or via the public desktop. How to apply saved searches you receive via e-mail to your enaio® client is described below.