Editing Metadata

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Metadata is data that describes the properties and values of a business object in yuuvis® RAD. You can securely and quickly store, find, and identify business objects in the yuuvis® RAD filing system via this metadata.

Entries for metadata are made and maintained via fields in metadata forms. When creating objects in yuuvis® RAD client, you can edit metadata in the in-tray (see The In-tray) and in the object view (see The Object View) in the Metadata aspect area.

You need the appropriate rights to edit the metadata in the Metadata aspect area. The object must also not be locked for metadata editing by other users (see Unlocking Document Files). If the object being edited is the representation of a referencing object (see References), you will need to go to the original filing location to edit the metadata (see Reference structure tree).

If two more users are editing the metadata of an object at the same time, the changes that are saved first will be transferred to the metadata form. yuuvis® RAD client shows the user a dialog box with the following options when saving the changes made by the other user:

You can open metadata forms to edit them in the following ways:

If you have edited and saved metadata, these changes will only be reflected in object lists – such as in hit lists or in the information area in folder views – after you reload the object lists. Click the Refresh iconRefresh icon in the header of the object list or press the F5 function key to refresh the view.

Aspect areas can be hidden by the administrator. As a result, the functions described may not be available to you.