Forwarding Tasks When Out of Office

yuuvis® RAD client 10.x »

If you are out of office, your tasks can automatically be forwarded to one or more substitutes. For this, you need report your absence in the yuuvis® RAD system.

You can also report your absence if no substitute is assigned to you. Assigned tasks will then remain in your inbox while you are absent.

Only tasks that have not been accepted are forwarded to substitutes (see Accepting tasks and Returning tasks).

To report your absence or presence, follow these steps

  1. Click your profile picture on the yuuvis® RAD bar, then click the Settings button.

  2. Click Present or Out of office next to your user photo in the user area.

When you are out of office, your tasks will automatically be forwarded to all substitutes.

You can find a description of how to set up a substitute under Defining Substitutes. Go to Substitutes for more information on the function of a substitute.

If your presence status is set to Out of office, the system will inform you when you start yuuvis® RAD client and ask you whether you want to change the status to Present in a dialog box. Adjust the status by clicking the Change to present button.