Replace document file

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You can 'replace' document files with a new file. This is useful, for example, if a copy of the document file was modified outside of yuuvis® RAD client and you would like to overwrite the document file in yuuvis® RAD client with the new version. To do this, you have to upload the new file from the operating system to the yuuvis® RAD filing system and add it to the yuuvis® RAD document file as a new version (see also Object Versions).

To replace a document file in yuuvis® RAD client, follow these steps

  1. Select the desired document file (in a hit list, in a process file, or in the favorites, inbox, or notifications areas in the main menu, for example). As another option, you can also switch to the folder view or the object view by double-clicking the selected document file.

  2. Drag a file from your Windows file system and drop it onto the yuuvis® RAD client workspace.

    The Upload file(s) filing menu appears.

  3. Drop the file onto the filing menu.

    yuuvis® RAD client detects that the document file needs to be replaced and offers the Replace document file option.

  4. Click Replace document file.

A new version of the object is created and the document file is replaced.

If you want to add the document file of another yuuvis® RAD object to an yuuvis® RAD object, then you will need to first download this document file to the Windows file system using the actions menu (see Download Document File) before you can add it to another object as a document file using drag and drop or copy and paste (see Replace document file).

If you want to replace a document file with a file from an e-mail attachment, first save the e-mail attachment from your e-mail application to a filing location in the Windows file system and then drag it onto the yuuvis® RAD client workspace from there. Alternatively, you can copy the e-mail attachment to the Windows clipboard using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+C and paste it to yuuvis® RAD client using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+V.