Resetting Hit Lists

yuuvis® RAD client 10.x »

The results of a search will be displayed in a hit list of all objects that were found. You can configure how the hit list is shown (see Configuring Hit Lists). If the hit list cannot be shown as you need it, you can reset it to its default settings.

The view of a hit list always corresponds to the hit list configuration of the object type currently selected in the hit list.

To reset the saved hit list display, follow these steps

  1. Click the Settings icon Configuration menu icon in the header of a hit list.

    The hit list column configuration menu appears.

  2. Click the Reset to default button.

The hit list configuration will be reset to a default arrangement. If no default arrangement has been created and saved by a user, the layout in accordance with the object type definition will be used as the default.

If you want to reset adjustments that you made in a hit list directly (see Adjusting Hit Lists), press F5 to reload the page.