Configuring Hit Lists

yuuvis® RAD client 10.x »

You can modify the hit list’s appearance in the Settings icon Configuration menu and save it for future searches.

You can save the following changes in the configuration menu:

  • the columns that are shown/hidden in a hit list,
  • the order in which columns are shown, and
  • the columns that are to be pinned or sorted.

To configure hit lists, follow these steps

  1. To do this, click the Settings icon Configuration menu icon in the header of a hit list.

    When you open the configuration menu, the changes you have already made, such as column order, sorting, and pinning, are transferred to the configuration menu.

    The hit list column configuration menu appears. The Current columns area contains all the columns that are shown in a hit list. The Available columns area contains all the columns that are still available and are not shown in the hit list.

  2. You can make the following settings in the configuration menu:

  3. To finish the configuration, click Save.

The configuration menu is exited and the hit list is shown again.

The column configuration saved in the configuration menu will be used for each new hit list.