Object Types for E-Mails

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E-mail administration object types can be created as standard object types or as an 'E-Mail Journal' object type.

Standard Object Type

As standard object types, like all object types, they are created in yuuvis® RAD designer with the required fields and are used to create forms. Aliases can be used to apply data extracted from yuuvis® RAD extraction-service to the fields during creation. Users can then create e-mails via the yuuvis® RAD Outlook add-in, via drag and drop, or by uploading an e-mail.

E-mails from Microsoft Outlook cannot be created directly in yuuvis® RAD client using drag and drop. E-mails from Microsoft Outlook that are first placed on the desktop or in Explorer can then be created in yuuvis® RAD client using drag and drop later. If the Outlook Add-In for Drag&Drop is installed, e-mails can be created directly using drag and drop. The e-mails are also converted into 'EML' format.

To determine the file type when importing e-mails from Microsoft Outlook in 'MSG' format, the following registry entries are required at the user workstations:
Key: HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\.msg, string: Content Type, value: application/vnd.ms-outlook
Key: HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\.msg, string: Perceived Type, value: mail
This does not need to be adjusted if 'MSG' is already assigned to Outlook.